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Graft–In International Ltd., is a marketing company in the medical field, founden in 2019 in Cyprus.
We specialize in marketing and distributing wound care products and technologies worldwide.

As a professional company providing services in medical field, we strive for reliability and confidence of our product.
hence, the well-being and health our patients.

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Enables front line staff to easily execute ongoing wound treatment


Significantly faster healing with less wound interaction and patient pain


Can be easily prepared at the patient’s bedside in 10 minutes

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How ActiGraft® Works
“…I highly recommend that ActiGraft® be considered as a stand-alone product …”
“… ActiGraft® promotes the healing of chronic ulcers and is an effective tool for resolving that are difficult to heal ulcers…”
“... Within 5 weeks of weekly treatment with ActiGraft® the wound completely covered with new granulation tissue and epithelization was evident…”
“... I would highly recommend the use of ActiGraft® for wound with delayed healing and chronic conditions such as pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers …”