GRAFT-IN Launches Operations in Nigeria

On 7.2.2024, Graft-In International and REDDRESS Medical in collaboration with our local distributor – IES Medical and Dr. David Obasi Ukoha from Lone Star Global Consult Ltd group, launched ACTIGRAFT in Abuja – Nigeria at a conference with participants from public, private, military and police hospitals and in the presence of senator Balogun.


Senator Balogun pointed that all stakeholders in the health sector must redouble their efforts to invest in health sector and especially in Actigraft, the first wound care product that enables health care providers to provide an effective treatment for chronic wounds, along with Dr. David Obasi Ukoha, they stated that with the innovation of ACTIGRAFT, Nigeria can significantly reduce the lead time, risk, cost, and resources required in efficacious therapies in the healing process of chronic and hard to heal wounds.


koha also added “that with ACTIGRAFT on our shelves’, lasting solution is here and Nigeria now have all it needs to stop medical tourism in this regards and get treated even right at the comfort of their homes”