1. A common problem in non-healing wounds is poor blood circulation in the wound area. ACTIGRAFT addresses this by creating a natural blood clot from the patient’s own blood, which is then applied externally over the wound to facilitate natural healing processes.

To understand the mechanism of action of ACTIGRAFT, visit: https://www.graft-in.com/how-actigraft-works/

The formula is effective with a volume between 17 – 20 ml.

No, the components in the kit are designed to provide the best tools for the caregiver. However, if preferred, blood can be drawn in any other medically sterile manner.

ACTIGRAFT is effective for all types of chronic wounds, such as Diabetic, Neuropathic, Pressure, and Vascular wounds. It is also suitable for difficult-to-heal wounds, including Non-Healing wounds, Pilonidal Sinus, Stoma Removal, Gunshot Wounds, Internal Cysts, Trauma, Post-Operative Wounds, Skin Tears, etc.

Yes. For more information on registrations and certifications, visit: https://www.graft-in.com/registrations/

Since ACTIGRAFT is created from the patient’s own blood, there are no allergies or side effects from the treatment

No, ACTIGRAFT is classified as a medical device under FDA and CE regulations.

As with any medical treatment, there is always a risk of infection associated with the procedure itself. However, ACTIGRAFT treatments are sterilized, and the treatment environment should be maintained sterile to minimize any risk of infection.

ACTIGRAFT can be used, but its effectiveness may be reduced. It’s advised to first treat the infection with antibiotics, after which ACTIGRAFT can be used more effectively.

Yes, ACTIGRAFT, made from the patient’s blood, contains white blood cells and is highly efficient in combating local infections in wounds.

ACTIGRAFT treatment should be applied once a week (every 7 days). The only requirement is to replace the external dressing after 3-4 days to ensure cleanliness of the wound area.

In approximately 1 in 100 patients, this may occur. The odor is due to the discharge of pus and infection as part of the healing process. There is no cause for concern. In these cases, apply ACTIGRAFT after 3 days instead of 7 and continue with the treatment protocol.

The only consideration is that during treatment, it may take 10-11 minutes for the ACTIGRAFT clot to coagulate, as opposed to the standard 8 minutes.

ACTIGRAFT clots are 6 centimeters in diameter. For larger wounds, either use two clots (two treatments) or apply one to the most severe area of the wound and monitor the results.

Yes, the clot is firm and strong. Use sterilized scissors to cut the clot as needed.

Yes, doing so may even alleviate some pain and facilitate easier walking.