ACTIGRAFT Vs. others


PRP (Platelet-rich plasma)

PRF, Growth factors & other blood products

A three-dimensional matrix containing a fibrin net, which forms a stable basis for growth factors and blood vessels, migration of cells, capturing of fluids, optimal distance between cells.

Liquid and unstable on the wound – there is no basis to support the growth factors to develop

Engineered in 3-layer product, lower layer is in contact with the wound, next 2 layers do not contact and cannot directly interact with the wound.

A blood clot formation creates a slow and controlled discharge according to the natural needs of the body

Liquid condition results in a rapid discharge and a significant decrease in the effectiveness of the treatment process

Destroy the natural balance of the natural wound environment created in a blood clot

A blood clot in the natural dose to the body

High concentration and not in whole blood composition – is not effective. (Example: in giving antibiotics do not take twice as many times to get a faster recovery)

by centrifuge, results in a very dense and rigid fibrin product, has no resemblance to how a natural fibrin scaffold should look

A natural evolutionary process of the body

Separation of blood components is not a natural healing process of the body

Processed blood product.