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Stoma wound:

Stoma is a surgical solution in which the intestinal opening is removed from the anus and an artificial opening is created in the abdominal wall to drain feces and urine. Attached to the opening is an external bag to store the secretions.

Usually, stoma is placed for a long period of time, after it is removed, a wound remains that is not easy to heal.

Pilonidal Sinus

Also known as “inverted hair”, but not everyone is aware of the great suffering caused if not treated in a timely and skilled manner.

this It a subcutaneous space that opens to the skin. Usually in the area of the buttock socket that forms pockets containing hairs under the skin. This could be the source of infections and may even end in pus entering the bloodstream. In cases of infection: discharge of pus, fever, pain, and inability to sit will appear. Treatment involves an invasive procedure (surgery) and the recovery takes between 4 and 8 weeks, including many visits to change the dressing.

Cyst wound

In the case of cyst the mammary glands in our body come secreting acids to fight bacteria when the glands do not work properly and or tubes are blocked, a lesion known as a cyst may develop. 

A cyst is a benign lesion under the skin. It is formed in the mammary gland. Under normal conditions, these glands constantly produce fat, and with the help of the pores this fat is secreted out to the skin, when the exits from the mammary glands are closed, the fat accumulates inside. Thus, a cyst is formed. Sometimes after removal of a large cyst, a large internal cavity remains that creates a hard to heal wound and prone to infection, so a quick healing process will be necessary

Anal Fistula/ fissure

An anal fistula is a cavity that connects the rectal area to the intestine (anal canal). Usually, a fistula will not close without surgical intervention.

there is an internal opening inside the anus and an external opening in the skin, the cavity can be superficial or deep. In these cases, the cavity crosses the inner and / or outer rectus muscles and can even split. There are cases where more than one fistula is diagnosed.

Anal Fistula/ fissure defined as acute if present for less than 8 weeks, and if present for more than at 8 weeks is defined as chronic.