Treating And Healing with Care

ACTIGRAFT®: High-End Wound Care Treatment

Who We Are

Graft-In International is a marketing company in the medical field, founded in 2019 in Cyprus. We specialize in marketing and distributing wound care products and technologies worldwide.


We believe that our REAL clients are the patients. Therefore, we provide caregivers with cutting-edge technologies for treatments and solutions to heal patients with the best medical care.


To live up to the highest level of care quality, we provide the medical staff with guidance, direction, teaching, and the obligation of availability 24/7. Also, face-to-face close accompaniment with introducing any new product or technology.

Our staff

Our team and management obligate to always ensure catering to the need of our clients and partners.

We offer our partners advanced treatment and solutions, training, and guidance for efficient wound care treatments to achieve complete healing for our patients.

We strive to provide Comprehensive and complete information to our partners and patients distribute for the use of our products and technologies because each patient must be given the right treatment according to his or her condition

We offer solutions to various wounds, including diabetic, pressure, chronic, and non-healing wounds and with our treatment we accelerate healing time of any wound

we operate in different territories in providing medical solutions (doctor), rehabilitation, and marketing in the medical field. Based on our experience, knowledge, and vast network worldwide, we provide the opportunity to penetrate global markets of caregivers and healthcare providers.

What Do We Offer

Graft-In International strives to serve its customers and partners with the utmost health care services. We are determined to go the extra mile for high-end quality and cutting-edge wound care treatments to tend to the patients’’ needs.

We are proud to introduce ACTIGRAFT® – the ultimate biological wound care treatment solution to help patients recover and return to their family, friends, and work wound free!

 Graft-In connects and distributes solutions and treatments, technologies, facilities (rehabilitation centers), cooperation, and consultation in the medical field.

Our Vision

As a professional company providing services in the medical field, we strive for the reliability and confidence of our products, the well-being and health of our patients.

We utilize our experience and knowledge to cooperation with our partners to build a stable working relationship and collaboration for mutual benefit.