Unique Solutions

https://www.graft-in.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/stoma-removla-treatment-1.mp4 Stoma wound: Stoma is a surgical solution in which the intestinal opening is removed from the anus and an artificial opening is created in the abdominal wall to drain…

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Graft-In Conferences We are proud to share with you a few of our conferences e-conferences (webinars), inviting you to join us on our coming events in 2022. The Utilization of…

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Graft-In - General presentation Recreating the Natural Wound Healing Environment Download presentation ACTIGRAFT preparation and application Click here to play (MP4) ACTIGRAFT preparation and application (NEW 2023) Click here to play…

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Treatment Protocol

ActiGraft® TREATMENT PROTOCOL - Download PDF CAUTION: Federal law (US) restricts product sale only by or in the order of a physician The kit includes: 1.Blood draw kit: Gloves, nitrile,…

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Peer Reviews

Medical Director, MC "DeltaMed" AA Savchenko " As a humanitarian aid, Delta Med Medical Center was provided with the medical device ActiGraph for the treatment of incurable wounds. During clinical…

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